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Compliance, Ethics and
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While the University of Georgia has many systems of checks and balances to guard against inappropriate actions by its employees, no system can guard against all wrongdoing. Therefore, in cooperation with the Board of Regents, the University is establishing a hotline as one way through which faculty and staff may report apparent incidents of wrongdoing on campus that need to be addressed.

The University of Georgia 's existing procedures will remain in place for anyone wishing to pursue reports or complaints through established channels. You can continue to report improper activities through your supervisor, or to the office charged with the responsibility for ensuring compliance with a specific policy.

Reports involving allegations of harassment and/or discrimination that fall within the University of Georgia Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy should be reported directly to the Equal Opportunity Office in keeping with that policy.

Complaints involving the University of Georgia Grievance and Disciplinary Review Policy should also continue to be reported directly to the Office of Legal Affairs in keeping with that policy.

If you wish to make other kinds of reports through the University, you should contact one of the following offices:

Equal Opportunity Office
(706) 542-7912

Human Resources
(706) 542-2621

Office of Legal Affairs
(706) 542-0006

Controller's Office
(706) 542-6860

Internal Auditing Division
(706) 542-1494

Research Integrity Office
(706) 542-5939

If you wish to make a report through the University System of Georgia, you should contact one of the following offices:

The Ethics and Reporting Hotline
For the University System of Georgia


The USG Chief Audit Officer
(404) 962-3025

The USG Legal Affairs Office
(404) 962-3255

The USG Director of Ethics and Compliance
(404) 962-3034

If you wish to make a report through the university hotline, you can call 1-877-516-3467 or click on the link below. The University hotline is anonymous, independently operated and is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

University Hotline

Ethics and Compliance System Poster
University of Georgia Ethics and Complance Reporting System Poster


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