Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does this office provide personal legal services to employees, students, or the general public?


No. The Office of Legal Affairs represents the University only. We do not advise students, faculty, or staff on personal legal matters, matters outside the scope of their employment by the University, or matters in which their interests are adverse to the University. For assistance with personal legal matters you should consult with a private attorney or contact any of the following:

The State Bar of Georgia:  (800) 334-6865

Georgia Legal Services Program:  (706) 227-5362

Public Defender’s Office:  (706) 369-6440

University of Georgia School of Law Civil Clinics Program:  (706) 542-5213


Question: I have a complaint relating to my employment. Who can help me?


The Office of Faculty and Staff Relations in Human Resources is available to assist faculty and staff with workplace concerns. For more information contact (706) 542-9756 or visit

UGA Ombudspersons are designated individuals who serve as independent, neutral, and informal resources for UGA students, faculty, and staff. For more information visit the UGA Ombudsperson website at

To file a grievance under the University’s Grievance and Disciplinary Review Policy, please submit a petition form to our office. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions about the policy or filing a petition.

Question: How do I file a Grievance?


Please be sure you read the Grievance and Disciplinary Review Policy completely and fulfill all initial steps required prior to filing a grievance. Please take note of filing deadlines. The most common examples of grievable actions include terminations and suspensions. A list of non-grievable complaints is included in the Policy.

Contact our office at (706) 542-0006 if you have questions about the Grievance Petition form or the grievance process.

Question: Who should I contact to report violence or other abusive behavior in the workplace?


The Office of Faculty and Staff relations administers the Workplace Violence Policy. Contact Sige Burden at (706) 542-9756 for further information or to make a report.

Question: If I am arrested or convicted of a crime, am I required to report it to the Univeristy? If so, how?


Any employee of the University is required to report an arrest or conviction within 72 hours. This includes full-time, part-time, and student employees.

You may submit your initial information to our office using our online form or you may contact our office at (706) 542-0006 to report.

After your initial report is made, we will follow up with you and your supervisor to make a decision on what, if any, employment action is necessary.

Question: How do I report harassment or discrimination?


The Equal Opportunity Office administers the University’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy. The Policy explains how to report incidents of discrimination or harrassment, including sexual misconduct. The Equal Opportunity Office can also be reached at (706) 542-7912.

Question: Does the Office of Legal Affairs oversee the University's sexual misconduct policies?


No. The University's sexual misconduct policies are overseen by the University's Equal Opportunity Office. For information about EOO, sexual misconduct policies, or how to report sexual misconduct, please go to the EOO website at

Question: How do I appeal a residency decision?


A student wishing to appeal a residency decision should provide the Residency Appeals Committee with a letter of appeal addressing the petition denial and provide any supporting documents that were not submitted during the petition review process.

The Residency Appeals Committee meets once a month to review appeals. After review, the Committee submits its recommendations to the President for final review. Decision letters are sent to students via certified mail.

More information can be found in the Student Guidance section of our webpage.

Question: May I sign an agreement on behalf of UGA or the Board of Regents?


You do not have the authority to bind UGA or the Board of Regents, and you should not sign the document unless you have express written authorization from the President to do so. For more information, please see the Contract Approval and Execution Policy. If you have any questions about signature authority, you should call the Office of Legal Affairs at (706) 542-0006.

Question: I would like to use a UGA logo or trademark. Who should I contact?


Use of the University's logos and trademarks is subject to both University policy and policies of the University System of Georgia.

For questions about the use of athletic logos and marks, including the Georgia “G” and the Bulldog, contact the University Athletic Association at (706) 354-4683.

For questions about the use of academic logos and marks, including the Arch, contact the Division of Marketing and Communications at (706) 542-8090.

Question: Can you assist me with a question about copyright in the classroom, fair use, or the TEACH Act?


Please refer to the University System of Georgia’s extensive Copyright/Fair Use Policy and Resource Guide (link: The "Fair Use Checklist" available at that site can assist you in determining whether a use of copyrighted material would constitute a fair use.

If you have additional questions, please contact Marshall Chalmers, Associate General Counsel, at (706) 542-0006 or

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